B For Brass



I made a small foray into jewelry making back in 2012  . I soon lost interest in it, However, I had picked up a few tools and supplies that would be sufficient to make quite a few sets of earrings etc. In a small attempt to exhaust my supplies, I decided to make a pair of earring for this project . I had enough to make one set of brass earrings. DSC_6434 Whats needed :

  • Basic Jewelry tools
  • Brass Tubes (5)
  • Brass Beads
  • Jewelry Wire

Hooks For each earring you will need 2.5 Tubes, 3 beads , 1 Hook , and sufficient length of wire First cut 1 tube into 2 half’s DSC_6436

The rest was easy. Starting with a Loop , Thread a bead , pipe, bead , cut pipe,bead, pipe and then loop in back into the first bead . The remaining wire needs to be wound around the loop and the balance cut off.All that remains to be done is to attach the hook to the loop . Image-1 (1)Image-1


Da Da DONE!!!


About time !!


Hello everyone!

As usual I went missing after i Appeared in February. Without giving any more excuses, I wanted to say I have started working on My Alphabet Craft Challenge . I hope to accomplish 26 New crafts in 26 odd weeks remaining this year.

I have a Few Crafts Planned in a spreadsheet That looks something like this

The First Alphabet of the English Language  being  A, I was looking at Making something with Air Dry Clay Immediately.
I Use the “Shiplakar” Brand From Pedilite.


I don’t have much experience with Airdry Clay and this is my first experiment with this Medium .

For this particular Project, I used a scrap piece of wood as my Base.  Using Madhubani for the Art form , I used the airdry Clay for creating the lines

and used Acrylic Colors to fill in .
This key holder is a gift for my FiSHY loving Sister

aIRDRY fIshy

I finished the same with Acrylic colors and bejeweled the eye with a kundan and Done!!


I Am rather Happy with the experiment .

Whats going On???

I have been Missing for a really long time.. Its been Almost a year that I posted. 2014 can be described in one word … Hectic
We accomplished an international travel and many days of domestic travels .. Baby started play school.. My sister got married …I started the process of evaluating adopting again. I also attempted Ali Edward s olw … I have not completed 2014, That however did not stop me from registering again . My last years word was perseverance .. I found that it bound me up… I was so afraid about not finishing that I stopped myself from starting new endeavors and projects. This year my word is Begin. I will not be posting about it on my blog. Month 2 and I am on Track and that feels good.Small Goals.. Small Steps.. Its very Good.

During the Diwali break last year some where around Oct of 2014, I came up with an idea of doing 26 projects in 26  weeks based on An alphabet (26 duh!) . The idea was to use create a new article using a crafting products starting from an alphabet every week.
Eg : A-  air dry clay
FAcebook logo

More Tomorrow On Monday on  #ACC2015 and my first three projects.

The next project is 52 dresses for maya . Starting apr 5 I will make 1 dress per week for my then 3 yr old daughter. There is already a Pinterest page for the inspiration ideas .

52 dresses

Hope you will accompany me on my journey


Lights and Love

After a well deserved vacation in the US I am finally back in Bangalore.
More on my vacation in a later post.. but today i interrupt this prolonged silence to announce my new venture.
I am exhibiting at a local flea market on this sin Feb 23 .
This range called Roshan ‘E Jaam is the love story of Lights and Liquor. This range of Hanging Lights and Table Lamps are made from Upcycling Wine and Liquor Bottles into Beautiful one of a kind Piece of resplendent Illumination.

Ochre elephant Table Lamp Ochre elephant Hanging light










For More info on how to get  there Please visit the link here 

See you there!


The New Earring Organizer


Do you remember the Earring organizer that I had made a while ago? Read more Here.

Unfortunately When we moved to our new place, that became obsolete, as I could not dedicate   a shelf for my earrings and accessories. I could however dedicate a door. I Had seen a few hacks online using a baking cooling shelf.
I did not want to buy something new. I did however have this metal trivet that I had purchased years ago  for about Rs 25 a pop. Over the years I stopped using them and were just floating around.


Using a craft knife, I cut a Slit in the rubber bush and reattached it to the top of the trivet. This created a barrier and prevents the earrings from falling off.

earing organizer

Also It left the flat portion free to be attached with some wire organizers.


I also used some of these hooks to hold my necklaces and even an organizer and sometimes a 3X mirror.


Cool Right?

New Charging station

Couple months back (Ahem.. in February of 2013) on a generic “because i felt so” trip to staples, I came across this filing unit. It was displayed  sideways and then it hit me.. it could be an amazing charging station for my phones and my iPad.

Then it sat in my craft room for a few months (ahem… 8 months) till the stars aligned one Tuesday evening when I decided to watch the FOUNTAINHEAD.

What you need.
photo (2)
One Corner File unit.
(4) socket power surge protector and Power strip
(4) 1 inch eyelets
(2) 1 inch Curtain eyelet
Attractive Paper
Felt pieces

The How

I started with placing the filing unit sideways and decided the position of the strip on the side. This is where the wire and plug would come out and get plugged into the electricity source.


I started by placing the 2 inch curtain eyelet on the side and marking the circle . Using my jewelers pliers, i cut open a circlish hole.

Chargin stn collage 1

After which, I fixed the back and front parts of the eyelet. I had already determined how the three pin plus will pass through the  eyelet as it had to be angled in.

charging stn 2

The next step was to determine where the power strip would go. I could not have it attached to the wall as there would be insufficient space  to actually plug in the chargers. I needed a shelf that hoovered above the floor. I was stumped! This is where the brilliant hubs stepped in and asked me to weave a net like structure that would bridge the gap and act as a shelf for the power strip.Perfect. Using Some Flower making wire, I simply strung the wire back and forth till a bridge like structure was constructed. The power strip sat on this bridge.

Ribbet collage

I then added A piece of felt before placing the power strip. This way when viewed from top the wires were not visible.


Now for the sections where the phones get charged. I followed the same idea as the side eyelet.

Ribbet collage 4

I did not like the look of this, so i decided to add some handmade paper . I like how this looked. In retrospect i should have added the paper before fixing the eyelet, any ways….Last I added bits of felt to all the surfaces, to prevent any scratches .


This is the final charging station, all loaded up.


Love it!

PS : If you are looking to buy the corner unit Look HERE HERE  HERE and i am not getting paid by any of these guys.

Cost Break down

The Corner Filing unit Rs 300 (original Rs 600 Got it at 50% off)
Curtain Eyelet Rs 5
Small Eyelet Rs 12 (Rs 3 X 4)
Jewelry Wire Rs 10
Felt Rs 75 (Rs 25 X 3)
Power strip Previously owned

Total  : Rs 402 .