Yes! This is my first post and its all about diwali; The festival of lights, sound and food! Its the biggest festival in India and my favorite.

There are many mythological reasons why  diwali is celebrated . Wiki does a good job of documenting it, so peek in if you would like to know more. Waht it really means is the four essential F’s Food, Friends, Family, and Firecackers.

This is not my first diwali as a married woman but it the first time i feel the need to celebrate it ,start our own  diwali. Diwali signifies new beginnings, We feel its time for us to start our own Diwali traditions as a family

Before i actually write about the traditions we want to start i have this whole list of To-Do tasks before diwali

In the same light let me also show you my new Daily planner. I love how it turned out. Hop over to the tutorials to see how i got it done


There is a lot lined up in the next few days leading up to diwali including a quick get away ..more  on that later

Thanks for stopping by


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