Make your own Planner from any ‘ol Notebook

As a compulsive list maker i have always found my self reaching for a pen and paper to organize my thoughts and plans.  Not having a book to collate all the lists meant that i spent more time hunting for the illusive list than actually working on them.  I tried all kinds of binders, but did not find any thing that suited my purpose and So DIY  to the rescue.

I started off with a regular Note book. I had a small 5 X 7 inch spiral bound note book that my husband got at a company conference. I loved the size and the pages were amazing . It has only ruled pages but that would do for me. The Reasons, i like this book is that it has a translucent first page then followed up by a blank white sheet of card stock. Add to that it has an elastic band that keeps the book bound tight and a small loop for a pen or pencil

As much as i like the possibility of the plain white card stock i was not in the mood to do any doodles or painting . I simply stuck a pretty 6 X 6 origami paper  aliging it from the bottom and trimmed out the excess.

On the outer translucent plastic covering page i simply stuck alphabets with a bit of whimsical alignment that spelling out my name .

To partition the secitions of the book I added colorful plastic post it tabs and wrote on them that they were for . Foe me the secitions were

1) Ideas

2) Short term projects

3) Long term projects

I added a different color tab for the months,  stuck a pen in the loop and i was done!



I tried to scratch off the Logo but it would not come off 😦 I am yet to add an embellishment  to cover that.

I am going to explore how to turn any run  of the mill notebook into an organizer soon



  • Note book – free ( had it on hand)
  • Origami paper – Purchased a 5 rm pack from Daiso on a trip to KL
  • Stickers – $1 at  Dollar Tree



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