Daisy me Darlin!

Yesterday I saw this Lovely idea from SAMMAREI in cannada.. She writes a lovely blog called craftingwithintention I loved the simplicity of it and instantly wanted make it as a part of my diwali decorations at home.

I pretty much followed her instructions on making the daisy flowers and also on adding the mirrors.

Since i did not get scrapbook papers easily in india, i just color washed both sides of  one side used paper with pink and green.

However instead of making a mobile, I hung them on the walls and added a few leaves for good measure!



I like the way it looks  …what do you think??


3 thoughts on “Daisy me Darlin!”

  1. Love how they turned out! When I first practiced making these, I ended up with a bunch of extra ones, so I just put some tacky putty in the center and stuck them up on my craft room wall. Glad you liked the tutorial.

  2. Hi Dear, after checking few things on ur blog words which said for you were “pagal hai ye ladki”. dont mind pls. I say this when I saw something which I never ever thought of. You are superb.. pls provide me your contact details. Want some clarification on your creations as I am going to make them.

    1. Thank you for your kind word Bhawana. Please free to contact me at THEOCHREELEPHANT(AT)GMAILCOM. I would be more than happy to clarify your doubts.
      Do link back if you also have a blog or you can also send pictures of yor creations and i would be happy to mention you. Much love Rashmi

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