Weekend trip to Vizag

Last weekend we headed to the coast to Vishakhapatnam to enjoy some sun and sand.

Vizag as its popularly called is a natural harbor and the HQ if the Eastern Naval Command.

Though there was hardly any Sun in the three days we were there we had a lot of fun .

Some Pics from that weekend


Rishikonda Beach

21 View form the kailasagiri Cable car

View from the Kailasagiri Cable Car

58 View on top of the hill at Naval Qtrs

View this Pic in Full screen to enjoy the View

67 Yaradda Beach

Yarrada Beach

69 Fishermen at Yaradda Beach


Fishermen at Yaradda beach

75 Vizag industries

74 Vizag in the distance


Vizag in the diatance


77 Traffic Jam


Stuck In a traffic jam in an Auto rickshaw

Later we got to know that all this rain was due to the Low pressure area near Thailand

This week The Threat of Cyclone “Jal” Is looming large on the Indian east coast.  This one is a Biggie.

Have to wait and watch .


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