TUTORIAL : Yogurt tub lights


Yogurt tub diya

The Festival of Diwali or Deepavali means “The Festival of lights”.  “Deep” means a “LAMP”…in all forms, Simple wick and oil lamps, string lights, lanterns, and anything else that glows. Inspired by many of the lights projects online, I wanted to create lamps that spelled the message of the season

To make this You will need:

  • News paper
  • Yogurt Tubs
  • Colored paper or Brown paper bags
  • Hole punch
  • Stapler or Glue
  • Tea Light Candles
  • Sand
  • Message to be lit up .

How to go about it :

1. Check if you can peel off the thin plastic cover off the yogurt tubs. Some tubs have the matter printed on them. You can let them be, as it does not show through.

.2. Start by placing the Newspaper on a flat surface. Trace the contour of the tub as it is rolled out such that the paper wraps around the Tub with a Half inch overlap. Cut it out. Trim the top and the bottom such that some of the tub shows through then the paper is wrapped around the tub. The Newspaper will be the template for the remaining papers.

3 . Each tub will have one alphabet that shines through. If you need the message visible on two sides of the tub , you will need to punch out 2 alphabets per tub. This is tricky as it will need to make sense on both side My Alphabets spelled “HAPPY DIWALI “. The Tubs had the following Alphabet Combinations


To get the combinations right , first write the Message (For e.g HAPPY THANKS GIVING)  on a scratch pad FROM L-R and the below that from R-L

From L-R Like : H A P P Y   T H A N K  S  G  I V I  N G

From R-L Like : G N I V I    G S  K  N A H  T Y P P A H

Now that  you have the Combinations punch out the alphabets. Fold the paper in half. In the center of the Left half. punch the alphabet on the top line and on the center of the right half punch out the bottom alphabet.



4. Wrap the Punched out Paper around the tub, mark the over laps on the top and the bottom.

5. Remove the tub and align the paper on the overlap points. Staple the paper, such that When you insert the tub, it forms a tight cozy around the tub.


6. Repeat this for all the tubs.


7. Pour half an inch of Sand at the bottom of the tub and place the tea light in the middle of the sand away from the sides of the tub.

8. Light the Tealights  to see your message Glow through.

You can use battery operated Lights as well instead of tea lights.

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5 thoughts on “TUTORIAL : Yogurt tub lights”

  1. God made every one with only one brain;
    What it contains inside one can only guess,
    But what it is used for the output shows;
    Beautiful thoughts resulting in more beautiful objects,
    If everyone goes the same way;
    It is sure to be boring and repetitive,
    Lateral thinking and use of things in a different way;
    Surely seems to be the most pleasing way.

    Proud of you, when you use your brains.

    With love and blessings,
    Papaji and amma.

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