New Years First Post

Happy new year!

After a prolonged break from blogging and craft, I felt inspired and compelled to make and write something.  Mondays have a way of invoking mixed feelings, esp when you have spent the 1st weekend of the year, meeting friends, catching up with much needed time with Hubby and seeing a movie or two or three .

Over the weekend, I finished my reverb10 Challenge. Yes.. yes… yes…  dint not finish it in 2010 and changed the format from Blog to scrapbook/ Journal, But that’s ok. I got a lot more from just doing it, than I really thought possible.  It made me realize that, my life is great, I have a wonderful marriage, a great guy and I am really thankful for it. Going through the steps, got me to realize my areas of development and some of my strengths.
cam dump Jan 2

I got a lot done  in the weekend

  • I wrote down my resolutions for 2011
  • DSC00223

  • cleaned up my craft space
  • Reused my sliding doors as inspiration space and doodle board
  • DSC00229

  • Whipped up some quick prototypes for cards
  • Listed out the Gifts I wanted to make for my friends  when i go to  meet them next week.
  • Came up with a great reuse for my 2010 calendar ( for tutorial click here)
  • DSC00222

  • Printed out  our own personal 2011 calendar  for me and hubby .
  • Desktop1

    Thanks John and sherry for the idea ! I used the Pantone 2011 Colors for my calendar

    More tutorials to come this week.  The week ends with a trip to Bangalore to meet old friends and celebrate a tiny tots birthday.


    I am so glad its 2011





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