TUTORIAL : Recycle Old calender

My 2010 desk calender was a beautiful calender by Taj Group of hotels. It features two of its prized properties, The historic Taj Mahal Hotel and Towers in Mumbai and The Pierre in NYC.

It was full of amazing photographs of interiors and the exteriors of both these iconic properties . I did not have the heart to just throw it away , so i recycled it into Book marks



cam dump Jan 21


1) Decide on what picture you would like to recycle

2) Trim the dates etc. In this case all the details were in the sides , It was easy to trim the excess

3) You should have Just the picture

4) Flip it over





5)  & 6) Fold in half, such that it is split in two vertically. Use two sided tape or glue and adhere the two sides . Trim if  necessary

7)  &  8)  Punch in a hole and thread a String or ribbon to make a book mark.






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