The First of the Month!

Nothing like the first of the month to give you a reality check! Yep.. we are already one month into the new year and i havent even scratched the surface of my resolutions!!

It was a great month though.. lots of travel.. met loads of friends and their little ones.. met my mum and paati ( grandmother in tamil) . attended birthday parties of two six-year olds and also of my grandmother.. walked the Mumbai marathon with my parents and celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary!

I know .. I could have blogged but you know… I was having just too much fun!

Feb 1st .. is a brand new day and a whole new month …

So here what I want to do for Feb :

Go for walk every day

practice yoga and pranayama 3 days a week.

swim 5 days a week

Do ZUMBA 5 days.. I tried it today and Loved it!

Participate in all  Iron craft challenges

That’s good for now eh?




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