The Case of Blah!

I’ve been down with such a bad case of blah! Just don’t feel like getting up and doing something.. be it house chores or just craft. I veg out in front of the idiot box and watch endless and mostly mindless telly. What does one do when one draws a blank? There are no thoughts, no feelings, and no new plans? I thrive on making plans… most are totally hypothetical.. for eg.  traveling by train from London to Singapore … That can happen BTW and this website has details if one is interested.


With my home and my life going down a spiral … It was around the 14th that i just had enough! I started reading “Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure “, I had purchased it months ago.  Follow the plan and it said clean your home… I moped and vacuumed… and suddenly.. i saw possibilities of what i can do … it was strange.  The introduction to the book said Maxwell was a part designer part life coach.. i believe that.  Thank you!

I have a few posts lined up of small things , I changed around the house.

Thanks for hanging in with me!





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