UPCYCLING : FRAKTA bag into Laundry bag

I don’t have IKEA  in my country(not yet atleast), but when ever I travel to a country that does have an IKEA store, I never miss out an opportunity to visit one and snag some cool stuff. Since IKEA does not give away plastic bags (yay!) I have managed to get more than one FRAKTA bags to lug my cool picks back home.

Img : Ikea website

Normally,  I  use them to accumulate clothes that need to be sent to the guy who Irons our clothes.  I needed something  to collect the clothes (To be laundered) )that collect outside our attached master bath. I did consider buying something  new, but hubs suggested using some thing we already have, like one of the FRAKTA bags.

When we did start using the bag, It would collapse and not stand upright. I needed to some how make its stand erect.

So Hack It!

I started with a FRAKTA bag and flatted it to get the edge seams. Then, I stapled all four seams to make it stand erect.

Corner sharpness

I then folded the top lip back about 2 inches to make the rim more stable.
Laundry Bag

and it was done.



One thought on “UPCYCLING : FRAKTA bag into Laundry bag”

  1. What a fantastic idea! I’m going to go the IKEA here in Minnesota and by one these just to make one. This really solves some laundry issues for me!

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