Paper Bag Catch All

Some Ideas are well thought out planned and some just pop out of no where. This is the latter.

I carry my own bags, but if the store offers a paper bag, I never refuse. I love to reuse paper bags and make something nice out of them, or use them to cover things. I cut out the base of a brown paper bag and used the remaining  to cover a box i was trying to make for my earrings ( that project bombed) .  Later when i picked up the fallen base to trash it, i realized, it was quite solid and, I could make a catch all with it!

Imagine having one while you travel.

So heres How to go  about it :

What you need :

Paper Bag any color. Coffee house take away bags work best.


Staples ( optional )

How To :

  1. Take a paper bag
  2. Humble Paper Bag

  3. Lay it down flat , with the base folder to one of the sides . the bags naturally fold down this way
  4. bAG FLAT

  5. Mark the edge of the base on the body of the bag with a pen or pencil.
  6. Bag draw line

  7. Fold back the base , such that both edges of the base are aligned
  8. 5593776965_ed1902dbb8_z

  9. Use a scissor and cut out the body of the Bag. The body of the bag can be used for anything else
  10. Bag cut

  11. Open the base and let it stand on a flat surface
  12. Bag Base and Other

  13. Start folding the walls of the cut bag inwards in half such that the cut edge meets the base of the Bag.
  14. bag folding

  15. Do this for all four sides. Secure with staples if needed.
  16. Bag fold 2

  17. Your catch all is ready! You can embellish it in any way you like.
  18. Bag Organizer
    Bag Brown

    This Catch all Folds down to take it while travelling as well. It is simple enough to make it while you travel.



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