My new bag

The past weekend , I stitched my self a bag. Its not any ‘ol bag. Its the bag of my dreams.

I’ve had this skirt for years. Having worn it only once. Its brand spanking new.

Thats me wearing the skirt in september of  ’05

There is no way, I will fit into that skirt in a hurry. So, i decided to make it into a bag.

Bag Closer

While at it, I also made an organizer for my bag


The Organizer attaches itself to the bag  by way of a detachable zipper.


Its perfect for my needs as it stores all that, I need to take with me.

Inside with Stuff

Now i will never have to turn my bag inside out for my keys as long as it is attached to this key hoder.
key ring



There is a place for everything and every thing has its place.


The stuff


What i love most, is that this bag can me made as versatile (by adding newer organizers) or as simple as i need!.

Here how it looks without the detachable organizer


Inside without the insert


To complete the look, i just used an old tie around the loops of the skirt.. err bag


Skirt bag

Do let me know what you guys think!



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