A story of how the Buddha got FRAMED!

Well not Framed as in a murder case, but Framed As in a Photoframe!

This is a neat little trick  learnt from my previous employers. There are classy interior designers in Bangalore and do just Jaw dropping work.  So back to the tick. When you have an odd object, like a small mask etc, Make a statement piece of it by framing it.

It was about time, I put that bit of advise to work. My parents and sister visited Mt. Kailash in Tibet two years back and got my this Buddha face. Another friend had been to Ladakh and got me a Tibetan prayer wheel.

1 Frame and the buddha DSC00777

Both are beautiful objects and I did not know how to display them till, one day, I had a “Duhhh” moment. So I dug up my pile of photo frames and came up the two most suitable contenders. The buddha would be framed in a plastic brown frame and the wheel in a dull sparkly gold frame.

Now it adorns the foyer of my home along with a Wealth Buddha, an old Tibetan lock and a dragon.








Do you smell a themed vignette? I Do! I Do.

It all sits on the drawers that holds our cloth shopping bags, which sits  besides a trunk , that we use to sit and wear shoes.  And to takeup the Far-east theme another notch, a Japanese painting. I know it’s Pushing a bit too far!


While framing, one needs to be careful and every article is different and some may need some special hooks etc. You need to judge for yourself how it needs to be framed. Also consider the collective weight after the framing is completed; if it would be hung or places on the table etc.

Any ways, here’s how, I framed the pieces.

Starting with the two things,  The article and the Frame. The Brown frame is made from plastic and looked kinda Sad. It needed some sprucing up. Using a dry brush and some Bronze and Copper coloured Acrylic paints, I gently brushed over the flowery part. Apart from that, I also painted in innermost rim with bronze paint to give it some definition and depth. The frame for the Wheel, I decided to leave it as-is for now.

Card board on glass

I used a corroborated board for the base of the pieces. I like the mild hint of lines  you get when something is glued to them. I placed glass of the frame on the board and marked. On Cutting on the marked lined i got  a board as big as the glass. For the Wheel , the board was as big as the Hard board cover of the frame.

I wanted to use old Bhutanese newspaper on the boards. The news paper was Milky white and the contrast was just too much. I let the paper seep in tea water for half an hour and let them dry completely. This took about 2 hrs. Almost Instant paper aging technique.



Before Tea Aging After Tea Aging

After gluing the paper on the board, I did a mock run of how it would look.  The placement etc.

When i was satisfied with the placement,I marked the top and bottom points of the face as it lay on the board. I did it on the actual side of the board which would be exposed. The mark i made was practically invisible.

Markingthe back










Next,I measured the distance of the hook from the top and marked the corresponding distance on the board. With an Exacto knife i made small slits.


Using a metal tie , I looped the hanger on the back of the face into the slits.


On the back side of the board it twisted the two ends securely.



For the Prayer wheel, the placement was a bit slanted as it would beautifully suspend the bead string. I marked on either side of the wheel barrel. Two markings were necessary. One at the top end and the other at the bottom end.


I used a thin metal wire to secure the Prayer wheel.


Once this was done , All I had to do, was to remove the glass from the frame, Place the board in place of the glass, Place the glass behind the board and put back the back support and cover of the frame.

Ta-da! Done.


Let me know what you think!




5 thoughts on “A story of how the Buddha got FRAMED!”

  1. Good job Rashmi! And good blogging too!
    Very happy to see you happy and enjoying the creative process!
    much love

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