Piggie bank

This weeks Ironcraft was all about taxes and money. Who does not like some extra cash now and then? To understand what I made there are a couple of back stories.

Story 1.
A dear friend suggested taking out of circulation crisp bills and putting those in a safe place. It could be any denomination.
It was a great idea for a little collection that we could use later.

Story 2.
Few weeks back our segate External hard drive crashed. My industrious husband was not ready to give up on it. He purchased an external casing from ebay and scooped out the drive from the old one. After assembling it , we tried it. It worked! It turned out that, the power strip our segate was broken. We were now left with the shell and some other insides. Me being me, decided to make something out of it.

Piggie bank

Enter Iron craft challenge 16. It was so meant to be.Using colorful tape, I made a pattern. Also sealing the box at the same time. To add a little more pizazz , I added money signs from the world. I used a sharpie Paint pen for this. Also added some messages like “Only crisps” meaning only crisp bills  and “You keep the change” , indicating that only bills should be put in not coins. Its silly but I love it.



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