Winds of change.

2011. Let me just bring you up to speed with my year.

Jan : 15 day trip to Bangalore and Mumbai. Celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary. Started volunteering at a school teaching craft

Feb : Continued volunteering and trip to Bangalore

March : Dad got a heart attach .. rushed to Bombay to help mom.

April : Dad Came back home  and we waited for his by-pass to be scheduled. I came back to Hyderabad and waited for my dads surgery to be scheduled. The surgery was scheduled for 29th and I traveled back to Bombay.

May : Helping mom with dads recovery. Celebrated my 32nd birthday. Hubby calls says he has a new role in his company and we need to move either to Delhi or Bangalore. We decide Bangalore. I travel to meet my In-laws to Chennai and then we take a trip to trichy. Its Hot, Hotter and Insanely Hottest.

June : I finally come back home and now am packing! But its good . I am going back home to my home.

Its tight schedule wise, but i am delighted.

Some how when we moved last june from Bangalore, I knew i would be back soon.I had no idea it would be so fast.

My excitement is not old because we are moving back home, but also because we plan to do some renovation at home.

Let me start by sharing some pictures of my home as it was just before we moved out. Sorry should have Switched of the Tv .

Living room as seen from the Dining Area. We have a sofa, a lovely coffee table and a Huge unit for storage around the TV. The unit hides all the equipment and the unsightly wires .

Living room Tv Unit from dining

The wall behind the sofa has the pictures I purchased in NYC of NYC. In the far back what you see is empty frames is actually the door to my laundry. Just behind the Sofa is the dining table. The unit on the far left corner is my puja.

Dining and beyong from living

This is the living from the Landing / Foyer.

Living from Foyer

This unit was designed by me as a double-sided show unit. It was acting as the divider between the foyer and living.


A better  look at my foyer.


Foyer From Dining

This unit is for my Crockery. The Art work is a print of the map of Nappa valley gifted by my SIL.

The Chairs that you see were designed by my father in law and crafted by a local iron smith about 40 years ago. I love them. In a way, the form is similar to Bertoia Diamond Chair (At least to my eyes) . I have had plans to bring them more up to date with a paint job etc.

Behind that wall is my kitchen


Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of rest of my house for the lack of time. I did take some shots when the house was empty.

In the next few days. I will describe my plans for the house and will continue to journal as we move in and settle down. I hope to have lots of craft ideas along the way .

Did I mention that I was excited??

Take care



3 thoughts on “Winds of change.”

  1. Manni – the house looks beautiful! You are a genius. Please visit us in Chicago, and help me with remodeling our new home! haha

    Love ya

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