Welcome to my home

We moved into out home in Bangalore in 2008 November on my husbands birthday. It is a flat on the 11th floor in a huge apartment complex. I have great neighbors and amazing friends. We go out for movies shopping get together for potlucks, just because we can.  I spent 3 months getting the house ready to live before we moved in. Once I had moved in, I wanted to change soooooooooo many things.  Obviously hubby was not gonna let me! Duh! When we moved out last year, we decided to do the renovations when we move back.  So here we are…

Before I go on to talk about the renovation and ideas,  let me show you my home

This is the floor plan of my home
Layout of home1) Built in Tv unit with Ample storage space

2) Sofa and coffee tables lamps etc

3) divider/ book case

4) Crockery unit

5) Laundry unit

6) 4′ Dia 4 seater dining table

7) Puja

Lovely right ? I know. Well when you move  into the kitchen its dark. My kitchen gets no natural sunlight. It dark and dingy. Don’t  be fooled by the good looks of it all. It’s because of two 28W tube lights.

So what do we do?

Well we knock of the wall obviously! Yeah. The Plan is to knock of the wall  and open  up the Kitchen Completely

So After a bit of Auto Cad Action here is the new plan

Layout new

The TV storage unit stays as is and  so does the sofas etc.

The Kitchen wall gets knocked off and the crockery unit is modified into a breakfast bar complete with bar stools

The puja is going to be unchanged for the moment

I am going to ditch my dining table in favor of a  new table.  It would still seat Four people. In any case our dinners are mostly more than 6 people, hence no point having a 6 seater space being a constraint.

Now for the ideas and inspirations, Where else but Pinterest ?

The foyer areas would be wall of frames something like this by Younghouselove. Love the warmth and history that frames brings in.

Would love to have a lamp like this hanging there. I want something that casts great shadows. I may even try to DIY this lamp from Readymade

The Bookcase looks like this when turned horizontally.


The Book case will reinvent itself as a display unit and Landing strip. I know how that word sounds. But its real. Goodle it up  else click here. The Bookcase is 3.5 feet high. It’s the perfect height and width for that space. A mirror, few bowls a tray, some nice books, A vignette or two and  we’ll be good to go. Look at these beauties .

The Crockery unit is now placed against the wall common to the kitchen.


When this wall comes down, the crockery unit will move to the right and will be transformed as a breakfast bar and crockery unit. The doors will open into the kitchen. I am looking forward to accessing my china from the kitchen itself.  The back of the unit is quite unsightly at the present (sorry no pic) .  I have not decided how to dress that up.

On the top of my head Wallpaper sound good.

chalkboard has been done to death but still its a fun idea.

or fabric  as wallpaper?

Or inspired by this style

Some lights over the counter would look Amazing. Mason jar Lights perhaps

The Bar stools and the final styling I will decide later. As for the dining table, That needs a post for itself.

So what do you think? Any ideas on the bar stools?




5 thoughts on “Welcome to my home”

  1. a. I will happily cook in this new kitchen. 😀 😀
    b. maybe you could get those light weight alumnium-iron bar stools.. color them up so it adds color etc or one of those swish-turnaround thingies too

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