Guess who got mail??

No! Not Meg Ryan… although on a side note .. I love that movie.

I had participated in a postcard swap via Ironcraft way back in April. I sent in My postcard to Susan In California  and she blogged about it here. I waited for my mail to come. When i did not receive the  card in may, I wrote to kat to know whom I was supposed to receive the card from. I wanted to thank them. I waited for a few more weeks and the wrote to Chris last week to thank her for the card. She was very sweet and offered to send me another card. I was about to respond to her and just then the doorbell rang. My husband walked in and said the three powerful words “You got mail”  OK yes.. he sits through sappy movies with me, so he knows the dialogues.
Card envelope

The card came with this lovely note from Chris .
Card and Note

It reads


My name is chris (24 foot street)@ Ironcraft. This is my postcard from Ironcraft. It looks a little like the place i live. The land here is flat, there are a lot of little streams and pine trees. Hope you like it


Card post card
Like it? I love it.

Made from layers of felt , it shows the love and care of the crafter.Its hand sown people! I love the colors and the composition. The  photos don’t do justice to the beauty of it.

Click here to read more on how Chris created these beauties

Thank  you Chris.



PS: Must also say a word of thanks to the postman for finally delivering the mail 😉


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