IRON Craft # 25 Scan this.

UPDATE : to make your own Click here

This weeks Iron craft was about using QR codes. A QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. Read more here. They do looks pretty.

This was really interesting to me and super appealing to my inner Geek. A lot of ideas got tossed around (the hubs was also included ). When, I asked the hubs.. his response was ” Wait! back it up.. ‘YOU’ are asking ‘ME’ for craft ideas!!!” .Actually the hubs in known to be a non creative sort.Truth be told he is very creative in his own area of interest and expertise.

This is how my code looks like .

QRC code for OE

I used to create the code.

Some of the ideas were

1. Cross stitch – Too obvious. Although i will make one to frame inside my home.
2. A multi layered model mimicking a cityscape but when viewed from top will be a      QR code – Will also make a small-scale one and wall mount at home
3. Lego sculpture – Problem : No Lego  blocks 😦
4. MAD STYLE : A large Collage sculpture using everyday objects  : tossed out as I    don’t have a large space to do that  😦 . would have been cool though
5. A quilt : handicap.. Cant quilt
6. Using Laminate samples  . I actually tried that, but did not have enough.
7. A photo Collage… Waaay to time consuming that i was in a mood to spend

So finally i decided to weave.Oh yeah… I tried satin ribbons.. again material shortage by at least 8 M. Was Really stumped when i saw a key-chain woven in wool and so the idea was born. A key chain.. of course!!It was perfect. BTW,  My code redirects to my Blog.Duh!! It was portable.. it was scan-able and when ever someone asked for my blog info all i needed was to show this . Perfect!.

So After two hours of complex weaving i present to you.. My QR key chain

QR keychain

A closer look
Qr keychain

So folks , What do you think. Do leave your comments .



PS: Will Do a tutorial for a simpler key chain soon. Click here for the tutorial


12 thoughts on “IRON Craft # 25 Scan this.”

  1. Rashmi! this is FANTASTIC!! I am so glad you gave in to the inner crafter!! I love your blog and your projects!

  2. Absolutely love it! I will give the simple one a try first and then if I am feeling brave try this one. Thank you for sharing Rashmi!

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