Tutorial : Woven keychains.

Thanks for all the positive remarks on my woven QR Key chains.As promised a very simplified tutorial for the same. Once you get the hang of it the same can be used for creating any complex design.

What you need :

Cardboard scraps
Wool scraps of two colors
Key ring
Hot glue or any glue that will adhere wool to the card board.

1. Start with trimming the card board scrap to measure 2 cm X 8 cm. Cut Wool 5  lengths of 40 cm.


2. Insert the wool through the chain of the Key ring  and tie a Knot.

DSC00928 DSC00929DSC00930

Using Hot glue adhere the wool to the cardboard. Make sure that the wool is not clucked up and well spread out.

3. Flip the card board over . Using a small amount of glue adhere the wool of the other color to the cardboard.

4. Turn over and start winding from the top of the card keeping the blue wool spread out and the orange wool as Taut as possible. The orange wool should go over the blue wool.

DSC00933 Wind the wool for about 10 times

5. Now flip the blue wool over the orange wool. The cardboard will be exposed.


Keep winding directly over the cardboard. I did this two times

6. The next step is to straighten the blue wool over the cardboard (well spread out) and looping the orange wool over the blue wool. Do this for about 4 times

DSC00936  DSC00937

7. Continue alternating and winding till you can wind the orange wool for about to times at the bottom.

Wind the orange wool for about 9 times . Turn to the back side and place a small dot of glue . wind the orange wool for one last time and adhere the wool back to the cardboard.


There you have it. It’s a key chain.

The wool I used was rather thin, however if you have thicker wool you will need lesser strands to begin with.

If you have any questions please leave a comment with your question and I will write back.


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