Streets of Mumbai

Mumbai is my home town. I love it to bits. The mad rush… the people .. the colors. These are some of the pictures i took with my mobile phone camera at the Municipal vegetable market. While I was taking pictures, I was asked by many stall owners why I was taking pictures. On further probing, they told me that  there were rumors of the market being torn down to make way for towers. Every area used to have these markets, But as land is valuable many such markets have been demolished to make way for hi-rise buildings.

The Market with rows of stalls on both sides
The Market

White onions Hung up for sale ( or protection ?)

Okra and bell peppers

Okra and Bellpeppers


Tomato piles

Heaps of Coriander


Ground Spices

Rows of ground spices

Garlands and other puja related things in this shop

Puja supplies

When I visited The market it was Mango season.


Heaps of various types of raw mangoes waiting to be pickles into various sweet and spicy pickles
The Major work in pickling is grating or cutting mangoes. When The quantities sold range from a Kilo to 10 kilos , the prep work is a huge component. These markets have people who do that work for you for a nominal charge.

The Chopping station

Mango pickle prep

The Grating station

Grating mangoes

The Grater is a large industrial size grater pointed on a stool. There is a plastic sheet that runs behind and below the grater where all the shavings are collected.

The grater

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of Mumbai



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