Faux Washi tape

I love Washi tape. There are a plethora of designs and crafters across the globe seem to be smitten by the endless possibilities.  Unfortunately at a minimum of $3 a roll plus shipping to india, the cheapest washi tape in way too expensive for me. So me being me, i created mt own faux washi tape.

To create your own tape  you will need

  1. Double sided tape ( not one with foam )

Double sided tape.

  1. Fancy paper
  2. Patience ( moderate amount )

Start by measuring the width of the tape.  Place the tape on the paper and mark the width . Draw lines and cut the paper using scissors / Paper cutter or trimmer. I used a trimmer because i have one.

Cut the paper

Lay out a length of the tape on a flat surface, such that the sticky side faces you and the other sticky side with the protective sheet is on your surface.

Lay out the tape

Start at the loose end . Place the paper on the tape, a little by little and adhere the length of the paper to the tape.

Stick paper on tape
Stick the Paper

I perfered to have strips of 15-20 cms in length . If you like you may continue to keep unrolling the tape and adhering more paper.

Your tape is ready. Tear out a length, remove the protective paper and stick away.

The tape

The package

For experimentation i started with news paper, but then tried patterned origami paper as well as security envelopes.

Origami paper

Origami paper tape

Securiety envelope

Securiety envelope tape

Hand stamped paper

Hand printed tape

I Decorated my Daily “To-Do / Project” Book.

The Notebook

The spine has securiety paper and the other edge has tape made from origami paper and securiety envelope tape. The middle design is a freehand Henna Designs drawn with a black sharpie.

Hope you try this. Do let me know how it goes




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