How to hang a fan.

I admit, I have a thing for collecting souvenirs. During my visit to Singapore , I purchased the large oriental fan at Mustafas. It’s a Huge shop spread over many floors and buildings. One can find anything there.

Though I purchased it, there was no way of hanging the fan without damaging  the fabric .. or is there?

There is!

I lay down the fan and spread it on the floor. I realized that the middle most point of the semicircular fan was in the fabric and not  a bamboo spine.

So, I took about 6 inches of ribbon and glued the two ends to two of the middle most bamboo supports using hot glue. I made sure that I left about 3 inches from the ends of the bamboo.
Ribbon hot glue

I then placed a chopstick over the ribbon and started looping the robbon around the chopstick.
Ribbon loop start

I continued to loop it till a small loop remained to hang the fan.

Fan looped ribbon

Thats it, The fan is ready to be displayed on the wall.


As  the chopstick is not stuck to the fan, it can be easily rolled up and stored away.
fan rolled

Have you hacked something like this before?
Do tell


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