The Bean bag Cube

When your living area is 10 feet wide and to end and you have a sofa and no other place to sit, what do you do? Look for other options. But what ?

After a lot of  thought I found these beauties.

This one is from Crate and Barrel ( No Longer available )

This Is from West Elm 

I am not sure how much each of them cost as they are not available . In any case it seemed simple enough to make, and it was very simple. It was so simple that i forgot to take pictures as i went along only to realize it when i actually lounged on the cube that i had no pictures. Sorry about the really bad sketches.

For making a square bean bag you will need to decide the measurements for the bean bag. I decided on 24 inches X 24 Inches X 12 inches height

These are the materials I used .
The fabric used was thick upholstery material. It is no where as cute as the inspiration pieces but will do.

I started with two pieces of 24  inches X 24 inches and four pieces of 24 inches X 12 inches.

Take one 24 X 24 piece  and place it correct side down on your work space. Now place around the sides the 24 X 12 pieces such that the 24 inch sides line up. Using tacking pins tack the pieces together and stitch them.  The resultant will be like a plus sign.

Turn the fabric around such that the correct sides face up.

Steps 1 ,2

Now stitch the adjoining 12 inch sides. Once all four sides are done you will get a Bucket like structure. The wrong side will be visible out.

Stitch the remaining 24 X 24 inch piece on three sides of the bucket making sure that the wrong side is out. With the gap on the fourth side, turn the structure inside out and stitch the Zipper.
The structure is ready.

Bean bag
The structure can be filled with the Styrofoam beans. However recently, I have used scraps of fabric and used bubble wrap to fill the cube.

Lounge on!




37 thoughts on “The Bean bag Cube”

  1. I plan on making this later today, as soon as I get home from the fabric store. I plan on making a muslin liner and putting the beads in it, then I can remove the cover for cleanong.

      1. Well I ended up using a heavier fabric for the liner and used a longer zipper for the outter cover so it opens around two sides. Now I have to make a second one as the grandkids are fighting over it. Don’t think I’ll have to worry about cleaning up a mess if the zipper comes undone or a seam pops open a the beads are contained in the liner and no zipper in the liner I sewed it shut.

  2. Great idea, much cheapter to make them yourself as had brought two from a linen party few years back, certainly cost more than making them. The thing I hate that the foam tend to pop out when the stitches comes apart, very annoying, but love them for footrest!

  3. Hi- just found your tutorial via pinterest, and I have a question. It looks like you top-stitched the seams to give it a more finished look. Just curious if you did that, or it I’m imagining it from your pictures. Great tutorial! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura. NO you are not imagining, I did top-stitch the cube. The reason was more due to the fabric i used. It was fraying at the ends and the stitch would not hold for long So I top stitched. It ended up giving a very finished look. Totally by accident! 😀

  4. My son has two vinyl bean bag chairs that are too flat and I have been trying to plan a way to replace them. Thanks to Pinterest, I found your tutorial. 🙂 Thanks for sharing such detailed instructions!

  5. Hey! Love the pillow/beanbags….just curious as to how much of the Styrofoam beans will I need to do one the same size as you did?


    1. thanks christine. initially i used two bags of confetti bean balls. however they lost their taughtness in two months. I then started using scraps of fabric, plastic bags and bubble wrap that i had after i moved cities.
      Hope that helps.

  6. You could also use packing peanuts as filler you would eventually have to add more but it works great. Thats what my mom used in my bean bag chair when she made it.

  7. Oh goodness! I’m moving into a new apartment with my guy and my best friend and we need extra place for lounging! This is a great idea!!! I’m so excited to get these made!!

    1. Hi Linda,
      The beads were about Rs 300 a bag. I used 2 bags . Now this was in 2009. Later i have added Fabric scraps, bubble wrap. and bits of paper even. Bubble wrap was probably the best cos it stabilized the bag by quite a bit.The fabric was rs 50 a meter.
      Hope it helps

  8. I have limited space in my kids game room. I bet these stack in a corner quite well. Thank you for this post!!!!

    Kimberly in GA

    1. Ooh that sounds nice. But I do wonder if it would be able to maintain the shape. You could ow ever make thinner floor cushions , which that one blanket can be pleased in each and then stack them up.

  9. Wow fantastic! I’m def going to make it! We also have just got into a new house with an awkward space that will brighten up with these “beauties”. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much! Just finished my first one! I actually just used polyfill. Used a big box which was 5 pounds worth. Was only 12.00. 🙂
    Would add a picture if I could figure out how! Lol

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