Yey! Its friday!

Let me conclude this week with this quick tutorial for keeping knives.

I have two sets of knives, One is an IKEA set The other was a gift from a family member. Over years  of using, I have realized that only six knives I use regularly. I use all the ike a knives and a small paring knife and a fish knife from the other set. Having a mixture of knives brought forward the problem of storing them without damaging them.  After much googling I came across a universal knife stand with bamboo skewers.

Apartment therapy ran an article as to how to DIY a similar Block.

While reading some comments, it mentioned replacing the pine wood outer cover with a simple cut out from a 2 ltr cola bottle.

Now  that was doable till i got to the supermarket. I estimated that i would need about 8-10 packs of the skewers (100 skewers to a pack).  I estimated the total cost to go up to RS 200 including the cost of the cola ( around Rs 50). Boy! Was I in for a shock. The cost of a skewer pack turned to be Rs 90.  With the total cost turning to be about Rs 1000, It just was not worth it. Back to the Drawing board!

In the mean while, I moved cities and in my rented apartment, I had an iron window Safely Grill in the kitchen. Using Magnets I let the Knives hang on the grill.Sorry I don’t seem to have pictures of this. It was a good solution until we moved back to Bangalore and I was Back to square one!

After much thought, I was almost ready to give up till i saw a gift my husband at received in Hyderabad. It was a scaled model of The Charminar with lights and enclosed in a glass box. In the transfer the lights blew out and I liked the Model on its own without the box.  This is a Flickr image of the same thing. I did not take pictures ! Sorry folks!

The box was nothing but 5 sheets of thin Glass taped together.  The idea was to use this box as a vase and fill it with Something to hold the knives.


Immaterial of what that undecided something would be, I wanted to strengthen the box( hence froth known as the “Vase”). Also I wanted it to have legs. I know ! Wiered!

For the legs , I Hot glued five Glass Marbles, four on the ends and one in the middle for extra support.


To strengthen the vase itself I decided to wrap coir rope around the bottom and top ends. Top of the vas was unpolished and dangerous.

Start wrappimg

Once This was done, I needed to decide What to use to fill the vase to hold the knives.  It was so simple.I used Salt! I needed 2 kgs to fill the vase and at 12 Rs a Kg, I was done in Rs 25!!

There  it is in all its Glory

the final

Just to give an idea of the conversion rates  One US Dollar = 45-50 Indian Rupees.

Happy Weekend !




5 thoughts on “KNIFE STAND.”

  1. You stored your knives in salt…. that’s asking for them to corrode and rust. Even stainless will rust and stain, thus the name stain-LESS and not stain-PROOF. I would use something that wouldn’t eat my blades, despite it being cheap.

    1. Yes That is true, I think i concentrated on the “Cheap” part of the idea and left an important point. This was a temporary solution till I have a permanent and safe way for storing my knives. I have recently acquired a magnet strip from IKEA which is yet to be put up. Thanks Richard.

  2. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what to say… I am totally speechless on ur blog. what to say for you. I havenot seen such ideas elsewhere… what a mind… love you dear… u made me crazy….

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