Bangalore Renovation: Making way for the Breakfast bar.

We live in Bangalore India. For a year, we moved to Hyderabad, 600 km Northeast of Bangalore.
When we moved back to bangalore in july this year, I was determined to change and update the things that were not working for me in my home. remember this post?
One Main problem was the lack of circulation in the living area and kitchen.


So after some CAD designing, i decided on the changes.

Layout new

The Idea was to knock off the wall dividing the Kitchen and the dining area and then reuse the Crockery unit as a breakfast bar.

Simple ? Yes on paper . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in reality .

There were 5  major junction boxes o the wall four on the living room side and one on the kitchen side. The original TV and telephone points, the control for the chandalier and the switchpoints for the kitchen lights were all  on this wall .

This is the wall as it was last year before i moved out.  Yes that’s the same elephant that was there in the deepawali pics with floating candles, only painted white.


This is just before the wall came down.


See the switch points?

On the kitchen side, I realized another problem. The overhead lofts. Beacuse of the loft extends all the way to the wall, I can not knock off the wall All the way.


Bummer! Any ways as they say …Limes = lemonade . It was a blessing in disguise. I could retain some bits of the wall such that the refrigirator is completly covered and the sides are not visible from the living .

Though i wanted to do the demo myself, I gave in and hired some guys to do the demo and restructuring.

They started and the outer lower edge . Bang went the hammer and boom the wall broke. I have never been so happy in my life!


Slowly and steadily they worked on and little by little the wall come down .




Two hours down only the electrical tubes and the supporting iron rods remained. I wanted to do a dance of joy.


As the wall went, i realized that i would need two floor tiles. Luckily our apartment complex had two similar tiles !

They cut off the iron rods and the electrician stepped in.


The beam above would have to be cut a little. I Know!  Tampering a beam.. BAD IDEA! I ensured they chipped only the plastering and not the beam itself. Agreed it would look uneven and would need some other treatment, I was ok with that.


The light switch was placed on the right hand wall as we enter the kitchen. The breakfast bar would be aligned to this wall.


After the electricals were sorted out, the masons came back and finished the plastering and fixed the floor tile.



It was time to paint .

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures during the painting process. 😦

If i now show the final pictures , It would ruin tomorrows post. So please wait  till tomorrow.




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