Some months back I came across a flickr group called a pot holders pass. This is a group of amazing quilters who create amazing pot holders and coasters. I joined in in their 9th pass.

This was my first attempt to quilt .

This was the set of four coasters . The fabric were all pieces of clothing and home furnishings. The Orange and yellow were cushion covers, the blue ; hubbys shirt and the printed – my dress.


The Other this to make and send were two HOUSE shaped pot holders.

for the first one i kinda took a shortcut. I used ikea BRITTEN HUS fabric and embellished it a little , before i quilted it into a potholder
The next one was a honest to goodness quilt. I started with a sketch made three copies of it. Then cut our paper guides and the cut out fabric. After stitching i hand embroidered the flowers.


Hope you liked them

PS: My secret swap partner Linda just revived the coasters today. Still awaiting on the other partner to receive her potholders. Most importantly awaiting my coasters and potholders from two corners of the world. Yey! <11-3-2011 9:10 a.m>

PS 2: Denise also received her potholders <11-3-2011 9:20 p.m>


2 thoughts on “POT HOLDERS SWAP”

  1. Welcome to the group! It is a lot of fun, I’m amazed that these are your first attempts at quilting, you will love it! It’s a wonderful activity and will offer you the opportunity to express your creativity and talents!

    1. Thank you Karen. I was really surprised at how much i enjoyed making the potholders. I was always in awe of quilters and thought of it as a very difficult craft. As i begin to learn the craft, though complicated, it is loads of fun.

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