Bangalore Renovation : Here Comes the Bar.

Yesterday, I talked about how we partially demolished the wall between the kitchen and the living room. While the demo was going on we started working on the cabinets that we were going to remodel into the breakfast bar/Crockery unit and the shoe unit. No! Not as one units, but two different units.


We we moved into the house for the first time, I had built two identical units. One housed my crockery and the other shoes. These units, I am remodeling to suit my new purpose.

As the cutlery unit was placed initially on the living room side of the wall, it was difficult to access my crockery as I wanted and entertaining was difficult. With the new plan, The crockery unit would face the kitchen thus giving me easy access to my crockery. On the other side, I wanted the table top to extend to become a breakfast bar.


As these units were made by a carpenter with  plywood and veneer, It was difficult for me and hubbs to modify the same. We decided to get a handyman to make the changes for us.

The Cabinets were built such that the lower units would house crockery or shoes as the case may be and the drawers above would hold things like flatware, napkins mats etc, in case of the crockery unit and things like shoe polish, socks etc,  in case of the shoe unit.

The idea was to remove the drawer portion removed and replace it with a proper top, Marble or granite based on the cost. There would be two bar chairs to sit as well. This would bring the whole kitchen , dining and living area together into a “Great room” like amalgamated  space.

For starters , My handyman removed the drawers from the unit. The drawers were actually two drawers joined together. It was a good concept but did not really pan out well in terms of usability. I was planning to use the drawers as shelves. I have seen way too many drawer shelves around the internet, not to be excited by it. That’s Two separate posts .


He started by, cutting the portion between the top and the main unit in half using a Handsaw.


Once this was done, there were some pieces of plywood attached to the unit and the remaining portion was attached to the top.


Using the Handsaw and a pair of pliers he cleaned out the remaining bits from the unit and the top.


Once this was done we realized that the level was incorrect and we could not fix the granite as is on the top. It was then decided to nail down the original top to the unit so that the top would be level enough for the granite to be pasted on. Luckily the back kinda aligned to a great extent.

There was a gap of almost two months between the state of being ready for the granite and the actual fixing. The fixing of the granite was done be me and the hubby without the handyman.
With the top ready for the granite, the Hubbs started by lightly sanding the top with a 120 emery paper.


He then scored the top with a nail for more traction. I sneaked a private message to be engraved on top for as long as the granite covered the top.


We went back and forth on what granite or marble to use. It was decided on granite. With the variety available in the market it was not easy to decide. Ultimately we decided to coordinate the top with existing granite in the kitchen that was provided by our builder.

We started by placing the granite on the counter and adjusted it till it was perfect. We then marked the underside with a marker so that guidelines were marked. the granite was lifted up from the counter so that we could apply the binder paste

The we started by applying equal parts from the blue and white tubes of araldite. Araldite is a glue that fixes anything to anything. It is a glue of choice with carpenters in India to glue on glass granite etc. I am not sure if its available elsewhere.


To apply the glue and spread it around, I used a contraption called “PATTI”. It’s actually a multipurpose iron plate used by painters to apply Spackle also called patti locally, to clean particles stuck on glass etc.


Once the glue was spread, we had to work fast and place and align the granite as per the guide markers.
Then it was waiting for 24 hours for it to dry.


As you see in this picture, the back side of the unit, which would now face the Living room is unfinished. In order to give it a finished look, I painted on some Blackboard paint. I know … I know…It has been done to death in blogland, but I still love the simplicity of it all.


With the table ready for use, it was time to decide the chairs. We looked at the options available in India. The Least expensive was 1800 Rs a pop, With two required it was not in budget. More Importantly they  was not pretty. The pretty ones costed up to 5000 rs a piece. Luckily for us, We needed to travel to singapore, and we picked up these stools at my favorite place in the world…. IKEA

Although I was more keen on the DALFRED stools.

What won over the STIG was the price ( came to  800Rs  a piece) and the fact that they are completely stack-able sealed the deal.

This is the final look of the place.




Although , we could refine it a little bit more, in terms of edges and overhead lighting etc, I love the way the place turned out!

It is pretty close to my inspiration on pinterest don’t you think?

Heres is a side by side comparison

Side by side comparison

This is the link to my Bangalore renovation Board.

Happy Weekend Everyone!




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