Namaste 2011.

What a year you have been!

You have been about travels, friends and family. About reunions and goodbyes.

I have learnt what it feels to give back to the society. The pleasure of being with children.

2011 has been about family.  From the fear of almost loosing a parent, to knowing that your spouse is   not just your friend but your  backbone .

2011 you have been about friends. New and old.  Friends who rallied around you  in your times of need.

2011 you brought me great happiness and peppered it with a few dissapointments. But thats life!

2011 is the year that i decided not to work, but be at home, When i decided that all I wanted to do is craft! 

All in all 2011, I am  a little sad that you are over … well almost.

Namaste 2011



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