Starting the year Off

Its Already four days into the new year and i haven’t started on my new year resolutions. At least one of them. OK.. i am getting a little ahead of myself… Let me start by listing out my resolutions.

1. Live Creatively . NOW!
2. Lead a healthy lifestyle
3. Eat 90% meals at home
4. Start My store on ETSY
5. Start craft classes for kids
6. Learn Calligraphy
7. Learn French
8. Breathe
9. Blog Daily



I have made a head start on # 2 and #3. I am strictly watching what i eat and haven’t eaten a meal outside .. not even a snack in the past four days! How ever not much on the exercise front.

The first resolution  has two parts . I am creative but i tend to forget that often and get wrapped up in the daily stuff. I need to live in the “NOW” and also find a creative outlet to deal with life.

I was fortunate to attend classes over summers that helped me broaden my ideas and taught me so many new skills.For quite sometime I have tinkered with the idea of starting classes for kids teaching craft  so that i can share what i know.  I love being with kids so a perfect  mix of things.

Learning Calligraphy and french has been in my mind for ages . This is the year!

Breathe! Yes Breathe. people who know me keep telling me to breathe. I guess there must be something to it!


And the last is a little bit obvious…. I plan to blog about all of the stuff i do.

The above Pictures were taken last year end road trip.

So what resolutions have you made ?




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