2012 Calender and free Download


Last year John and Sherry shared their New year calender . I loved the idea and created one for my self and hubby. It was sweet and personal.


This year, I decided to make it a little more generic. and learn something as saw the calender each day.

I love the way WORD CLOUDS look. I wanted my calender to have words. So, i decided to translate the months of the year into 25 languages using Google translate. I used Ms- Excel to store the words In a tabular format, such that , the rows contained the name of the months in a particular language. On Selecting a column , I would get the names of a particular month in all 25 languages


Using wordle, I created   a couple of layouts  and decided on a Black and white color scheme, while the font would vary as well as the layout

This was the result


And Here it is for all of you as well. Please click on the image below  to download and print the calender. It prints in A4 size.

00 Header

Much love



One thought on “2012 Calender and free Download”

  1. Hey Rashmi! Glad to stop by and to know you better 🙂
    Tks so much for your lovely gift! Got it today! Much appreciated! Hope whatever problem there was, got sorted out and that all is ok now. 🙂
    Great idea to make a calender! Have yet to give that a try 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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