Interrupting with a Duh! Idea

I know i have been a.w.o.l for over a month , I promise, I will write about what I have been up to. Todays post is about an Ah-ha moment .. actually sounded more like Ta-Da.. But the it finally came down to a Duh!

My Guest bed room bed was a hot mess. I was sorting my fabric stash on the bed  and it was full of fabric lint and threads. I could have easily changed the sheets .. but…just did not feel like. I went searching for my lint roller but could not find it

I had almost conceded defeat and started to change the sheets when I had the afore mentioned “moment”.

I made my hand a lint remover!  All i needed was some tape.

I used ABRO tape. Painters in India use it for masking while painting walls. I guess any painters or masking tape should work. Scotch tape or cello tape may also work.

I started by Pulling a length of the tape and placed the loose end between my thumb and index finger.



I then kept rolling the tape snugly along my fingers with a bit of overlap till my fingers were covered. It was not tight enough to stop blood circulation , but snug enough to be in place


I cut off the remainder roll.


Then using my hand in a stroking motion over the lint i was able to get the lint off. By turning my hands the other way( palms facing up) , I was able to use the back side of my hands to pick up the lint.



Once I was done I had to just pull off the tape from my hand and junk it.


It does not really replace the lint roller, but was  a quick solution to an immediate problem. I still do have to find the roller!




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