Frosting Glass

Few Months back, I had blogged about how, We broke open the wall separating the Kitchen and the Living space. Read about it here
This Created a new problem. The Utility Which was otherwise partially visible can in full view from the living area. It was not a pretty view!

Floor plan and utility

We then Decided to  ” Do Something” about the glass panes. The More important thing was that, I use the glass pane as a marker board. It a nice place for jotting down stuff and lists. So what ever the “Something” was HAD to be pretty . So It was back to “Have to do something!  After Lots of browsing I decided on a few alternatives

1 Frosting Film

2. Chalkboard  Will scratch right back off from the glass

3. Curtains  Too Blah!

So Frosting it was! I contacted a local company to give me an estimate of the cost and some design alternatives. I had used them for a client and was very happy with the results.  If any one in Bangalore Needs to get some frosting done professionally, I would be happy to share their reference.

Anyways, Their supervisor visited and took dimensions and sent some designs. We went through some designs and it was a toss up between these two.


I then asked for an estimate. They came back with a Quote of about 9k . It was Waaaaay above our budget. So back to the Drawing board it was.

Just when, I was resigning myself to living with my utility junk visible or Worse Curtains, I came across frosting film In HOMETOWN .


 Imagine A MAD MAD MAD HAPPY DANCE!. See, things like Frosting film and contact paper has FINALLY Entered the Indian market.  Its still a new concept, As such DIY is a new concept here, But that’s a whole other story.  I estimated two rolls would be requited. At 300 Rs for A 2m X 30 cm roll, two rolls would be 600 Rs and that was 1/15 th of the quote , It was a steal.

But There was a problem. Having only heard about contact paper and frosting film, I had never really used it. So when stuck, Ask google.  Google spitup tonnes of To dos videos. From the lot I found these two to be the most informative and detailed.

The first tells you how to prep The glass for application of frosting film.

They talk about a special tool for glass cleaning, I used my trusted patti


This Video shows how to actually apply the film

With All the knowledge in place, I still Had a Big question, What design would I use ? Thanks to This tutorial from Emily from I know what I wanted.

 The plan was to film on the Back side so that I could use the Kitchen side as a Writing board without damaging the frosting film. For starters I traced out the pattern on the Kitchen side of the Glass Door using a white board marker.


This gave me the number of pieces requited. 11 Full pieces, 6 Vertically sliced pieces, 2 horizontally sliced pieces and 4 corner pieces . This was just for the door. I cut out 15 pieces of the design and I was good to go.

Now using The above two Videos , I started placing the pieces one row at a time starting from the top Left corner.

For the window , I decided to have just one pattern in the middle and then have four corner units.

I measured the Window and the paper. Cutting the exact length required, I marked the center of the paper . And using a pencil I traced out the design. I cut out the design in such a way that, the four corner pieces were cut as a result of cutting the center design.


Then came the execution. I started by cleaning the galss and  spraying some soapy water. Dont worry about the spots, They are on the other side of the glass.


After I cleaned out the glass, I sprayed water on the glass. Then, I Peeled the Backing of the paper  and place it on the glass and Adjusted till it is perfectly in place. You will have air bubbles. Using a patti or Squidgy, remove the extra Water and trapped air and wipe off the runoff water with a newspaper or paper towel.


Then Its all about  hittin’ re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. Selena Gomez’ song reference! REALLY ?

This is the final Look of the Glass.

What do u think ?



PS : if you cant get the song out of  you head, here it is


13 thoughts on “Frosting Glass”

  1. This is a really nice blog dear….let these blogs keep coming every now and then….this time u took a long break….:)

  2. Rashmi,
    I found your blog when hunting for washi tape in India. Now, that’s an ordeal – isn’t it! But then, i’m glad I found your blog. I’m very much a DIY person myself so sharing this journey with you would be fun! Subscribed to your blog.

  3. Just found your blog as I was sitting here enjoying one of my favorite past times — sufring Pinterest :). I am in love with your creative ideas and will be a regular visitor from now. Looking forward to more creative inspiration. Love from a mother of three up north in Norway ❤

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