Today was like any Wednesday summer morning. Having not slept well due to Indian summer  heat, I was groggy and irritated. As usual I checked my email on my itouch and guess what i see ? Insta.gram app was available for download for android!

2012-04-04 21.53.20

Honestly, I did not even open that email till evening. The subject had all the info  I needed. I immediately downloaded the app. I was the 30145 person to download.

Ever since i have heard about  instagram about 6 months back, Ihave pined for the android app. I had downloaded it on my itouch, but its not the same. It was just too tedious to port pictured from my phone to itouch then upload.

About 10 days ago when Instagram site was accepting External beta testers , i put in my email and have counted days for it to be open for beta testing. Just the past weekend i was telling my husband all about Instagram and how cool it would be to have it on android.  who knew the day would be today

OK! so If you haven’t figured it by now.. I am a GEEK with a Capital G and K

Some of my first pics on instagram

This is the Hubbs … Please ignore the silly smile.. the man can not pose for the camera!  I alwasy remember the episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S  where chandler has to pose for the engagement pics ,when i have to get my hubby to smile for the camera!

Some random Pics

Thank you Instagram!

My world is a beautiful place.. and now i can share it easily!

PS: My Instagram id is theochrelephant  . Come find me there!


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