A little Nip .. a Little Tuck

Ever since i saw this Hack, I have been lusting for it. 

Source : http://www.ourmidcentury.com/2010/11/our-karlstad-sofa-hack.html

When we purchased our sofa 4 years back, its was the best decision we made. Its is the most comfortable and amazing to sit in during a movie marathon.

But as the years went on.. It started bcoming frumpy and was uncomfortable


Sometimes when You need serios surgery, You go to the Doctor and not try DIY.

So Last week, I hauled the two Frumpy unwieldy and heavy back Pillows to the near by Cotton mattress Pillow guy.

He Quoted rs 5 per tuck and estimated 15 tucks per pillow. 3 hours and Rs 150 later Ta -Da
Nip tuck sofa

Its a simple tuck, buttons etc


With the Lumbar Pillows and the throw cushions, my sofa is back to its hay days!

So what do you think?




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