Denim Cross Bag

I hate carrying a Handbag and love cross bags. Needed a small enough bag so that its light.. and big enough to carry my “Stuff”

Denim Cross Bag 2Denim Cross Bag

My Upcycled Denim Cross Bag is just perfect for that. This bag is made from a pair of jeans and scraps of fabric.The back and front pockets from the jeans form the outer skin of the bag and the Inside of the Bag is lined with 100% cotton.

It is Ideal for carrying a small bottle, Purse, camera (Non SLR), Passport cases etc. Keeps all the essentials and allows a hassle free travel experience.

Its is perfect for carrying for morning walks. No more carrying the mobile phone and keys in your hands. Its perfectly stowed away in the Cross bag while you enjoy your walk. Perfect to carry your small Point and shoot camera as well

This bag is perfect for your shopping trips. No more  digging into your big shopping bag to fish out your purse or mobile phone

Details :

Code           : OECB01

Size             : Handle Length 29″
Bag Measurements 11″L X 8″W

Materials : Denim Jeans and Cotton Lining

Washing : Machine washable

Price : Rs 450 + Shipping

To purchase this bag please refer to the “The Shop “  Page .

Thank you


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