Flower Library Tote

The Library tote

This lightweight 100% cotton tote bags with long handles and has plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go.
It has flower Applique work with coordinating Handles. The Bag Fits perfectly over the shoulder. It has a small Pocket on the inside for keeping cash/ library cards etc.
This is a great practical bag, strong enough to carry the heaviest of items but lightweight enough to fold up and put in your pocket or handbag.

Details :

Code           : OELT01

Size             : Handle Length 75cm(h)
Bag Measurements 32cm (w) by 38cm (h)

Materials : 100! Cotton
Washing : Machine washable

Washing : Rs 200 + Shipping

To purchase this bag please refer to the “The Shop “  Page .

Thank you


One thought on “Flower Library Tote”

  1. Rashmi!!!!! this is so cool… i found you from the book mark that Ramya gave me. Can you also make file holders. You know the ones which are cardboard triangular shaped with one open side and you can stack things into it? If you guys make those I d love to buy two or three. let me know and a few notepads also- with the pens with it . thanks! and lovely the stuff is. ❤

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