Washi tape dispencer

I Have been a huge follower of the washi tape trend that has swept blogland and rocked the crafting world. Unfortunately washi taped were prohibitively expensive to import from abroad and were not available in India, until recently. Many independent blogshops and online Indian crafting stores have started stocking Washi tapes at very affordable rates.

Now! now! I am not endorsing any one here but am just sharing that F.I.N.A.L.L.Y ,we get the “Good stuff”.

So I ordered some online and it came, Six lovely designs of fresh washi tape that my hands were desperate to craft with. These beauties lay on my craft table and the abyss that my table it it got sucked in till the big clean up happened..you know how it is!

I was very keen on making a dispenser for my washi tapes like this


However my woodworking skills are zilch!

I did have foil dispenser and box so i thought .. well its a box that has a tube in it, It has a built-in cutter and it closes, so it will keep off dust .That was it!


I ripped up the cutting mechanisim from inside and hot glued to the outside of the box.


I then covered the box with some fabric and lace


For Good measure, I covered the inside tube as well

I loaded it all up


It looks and works lie a charm!

And see how pretty it looks ]


I love it !

UPDATE : Great minds do think alike. I found that some one had beat me to this idea Here is another take on the Foil box washi tape dispenser


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