The little thing called Maya

Last march I had written a very personal but sad post on my life then. I mentioned about my struggle with weight and the empty child shaped hole in my heart.

A year later. Things are much different. I am still over weight , however the hole in my heart is filled by my little angle Maya.

It all started a little over a year ago, when we applied for adoption at a local charitable trust in bangalore. Adoption in India is a long drawn process and has known to take up to three to four years. We went through the motions of filling out the paper work, social worker visits and attended some parent prep workshops. Then we started the long and uncertain wait for a child. I was losing hope by the minute and by December beginning , it was all but over in my mind. I was moving on and planing new things, A life of being childless but successful in “something”.

It took a phone call to change it all.

On 12.12.12 me and my good friend decided to celebrate the day by going shopping. Nothing like a good dose of retail therapy, right? So we hit the shops, grabbed some lunch and came home for some rest before we started round two in the late afternoon. At around 2.15 , I picked the phone to make another call when it rang. The conversation was something like this.

SW : hey rashmi , it’s SW here.
ME : hey…. How r u?
SW : So there is a child available , it’s a baby girl , she is is 8 months old. When can you come and see here
( By this time , I froze, I mean hot and cold at the same time, going crazy, cant think, going mad kinda state )
ME : aaaaa. Ok. I’ll just talk to my husband and get back.
SW: ok sure . Please get back soon.
Me : yeah yeah. Sure.

I made frantic calls to my husband… And as luck would have it … The calls would not go through… So I sent an SMS asking him to call me back . He called and we rushed to the trust office.

To cut a long story short. We met our daughter at 4 30. Pm. In the matter of minutes , my life changed. I was a mother. We were parents and we had a daughter.She was Maya. That’s that.

We brought her home on the 14th, and our lives has never been the same ever since.

Maya is our joy and fills our hearts with her toothy smile and giggles. She keeps me on my toes.


At almost 11 months , she is walking with support , teething some more and babbling away to glory. She has a preference of eating sweets and love pealing onions and eating onion peels. Trust me , that child is funny. She is always upto some mischief and is on the look out of one.
She loves her blocks and my kitchen utensils. She sleeps through the night and waves her daddy TA TA.

We just lover her


In other news. We purchased a another flat in the same building we live. It’s a another bedroom and just perfect.

I’ll be sharing more about it on Monday. Yes, that means, I am back to blogosphere. In the next few months, I will be sharing my DIY projects and how I plan to make this our home.

Before I wish you folks A happy weekend here is the pic of my two favourite people.




6 thoughts on “The little thing called Maya”

  1. I feel so good to have bumped into your blog. You are so talented and innovative. This post shows you as a pure hearted. Hats off to your positive mentality! Keep your wonderful work going.. Mothering your lovely daughter and creating interesting posts. All the best.

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