Chalk board for Maya

Over the months that we have lived in our new Home, I have oscillated a lot with decorating and designing decisions, But this one was a doozy . I first saw this idea on where else PINTEREST . I promptly pinned to my board for the new house which had great ideas but i was not sure of where to execute them
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I had the perfect Place for it , In the passage way . I could see my future where maya and her gang of friends would be huddled and create art , while the mothers would chill .

gb_lilac - flor plan black board

Luckily for me I had a piece of False ceiling Board left over measuring 4′ X 2′ and was a perfect size for the project . I did have some roughed up ends which HAD to be taken care of .

DSC_3939    DSC_3940

I started with painting the board with Chalk board paint ,two coats. I used a local brand called Surfa . and while painting my foam brush broke! so me being the cheepo Jugadu person that i am used a pliers to hold the brush and paint.. but ultimately i had to throw that brush and use a new one

DSC_3942    DSC_3941

Now was the Challenging part, Fixing on the wall. The easiest would have been to just fix the board on the wall and Calling it done, But due to the beat up edges, we needed to frame it.

To start with, We cut out some 1/2 X 1.25 ” wood strips so that a frame is formed around the board. To get a feel of how it would look we placed it around the board. We did not use Meter joints.


I then marked three spots 50 cm from the floor and fixed the bottom board using 1.5 inch screws. Then we fixed  the other two sides on the wall.

DSC_3948      DSC_3953

Maya HAD to make sure that we were doing a good job


Then we placed the board inside the three sided frame and fixed the forth piece of the frame. Since the frame was snug around the board, it did not fall down.

DSC_3957          DSC_3958

To beautify (Ahem hide the uglies) I used a 2″ X 4 mm beeding and made another frame using meter joints. This frame was fixed on the surrounding wood frame with an over lap on the board. This hid away all the uglies.



Ps – please ignore my unmade bed in the Master bed room . It was a Sunday morning after all!

Finally to finish this off, Using two modified hooks we attached a small metal bucket to hold the Chalk and the duster.


And Here its is being used.


She Just Loves it!


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