The New Earring Organizer


Do you remember the Earring organizer that I had made a while ago? Read more Here.

Unfortunately When we moved to our new place, that became obsolete, as I could not dedicate   a shelf for my earrings and accessories. I could however dedicate a door. I Had seen a few hacks online using a baking cooling shelf.
I did not want to buy something new. I did however have this metal trivet that I had purchased years ago  for about Rs 25 a pop. Over the years I stopped using them and were just floating around.


Using a craft knife, I cut a Slit in the rubber bush and reattached it to the top of the trivet. This created a barrier and prevents the earrings from falling off.

earing organizer

Also It left the flat portion free to be attached with some wire organizers.


I also used some of these hooks to hold my necklaces and even an organizer and sometimes a 3X mirror.


Cool Right?


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