Whats going On???

I have been Missing for a really long time.. Its been Almost a year that I posted. 2014 can be described in one word … Hectic
We accomplished an international travel and many days of domestic travels .. Baby started play school.. My sister got married …I started the process of evaluating adopting again. I also attempted Ali Edward s olw … I have not completed 2014, That however did not stop me from registering again . My last years word was perseverance .. I found that it bound me up… I was so afraid about not finishing that I stopped myself from starting new endeavors and projects. This year my word is Begin. I will not be posting about it on my blog. Month 2 and I am on Track and that feels good.Small Goals.. Small Steps.. Its very Good.

During the Diwali break last year some where around Oct of 2014, I came up with an idea of doing 26 projects in 26  weeks based on An alphabet (26 duh!) . The idea was to use create a new article using a crafting products starting from an alphabet every week.
Eg : A-  air dry clay
FAcebook logo

More Tomorrow On Monday on  #ACC2015 and my first three projects.

The next project is 52 dresses for maya . Starting apr 5 I will make 1 dress per week for my then 3 yr old daughter. There is already a Pinterest page for the inspiration ideas .

52 dresses

Hope you will accompany me on my journey



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