About me

I am a Thirty something Creative Busy body. I dare not call my self an artist though i am artistically oriented. In a life that dos not resemble my present, i was a software tester and then an Interior Designer.

In 2010 my husband moved to Hyderabad India and i packd up my craft supplies and fabric stash and moved with him. It was a love hate relationship with Hyd. Before I could make up my mind once for all, we moved back to Bangalore in June 2011.

I dove in to renovating my flat and got crafting. I love to create new things with paper, fabric and food!, Love to travel and read.


4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi,
    love your blog! I’m from hyderabad too..I was looking at your etsy store but you dont seem to have anything up there right now 😦 but I’ve found a new store called kitsons in gachibowli that has a whole lot of that lacey sticky tape that you had tagged as a favorite on etsy..let me know if you want directions.

    1. hi Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for commenting. I was in Hyd bt jn10- and Jn11. We moved back to Blr last yeat. I guess i have not updatd my about page and my ETSY store in many months. Gosh In Gachibowli.. that was so close to where i lived :(.
      Any wasys if u do get something for yr self do send me pics.. i hope i’ll get those in Blr
      Thanks for reading my blog.

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