About time !!


Hello everyone!

As usual I went missing after i Appeared in February. Without giving any more excuses, I wanted to say I have started working on My Alphabet Craft Challenge . I hope to accomplish 26 New crafts in 26 odd weeks remaining this year.

I have a Few Crafts Planned in a spreadsheet That looks something like this

The First Alphabet of the English Language  being  A, I was looking at Making something with Air Dry Clay Immediately.
I Use the “Shiplakar” Brand From Pedilite.


I don’t have much experience with Airdry Clay and this is my first experiment with this Medium .

For this particular Project, I used a scrap piece of wood as my Base.  Using Madhubani for the Art form , I used the airdry Clay for creating the lines

and used Acrylic Colors to fill in .
This key holder is a gift for my FiSHY loving Sister

aIRDRY fIshy

I finished the same with Acrylic colors and bejeweled the eye with a kundan and Done!!


I Am rather Happy with the experiment .


The New Earring Organizer


Do you remember the Earring organizer that I had made a while ago? Read more Here.

Unfortunately When we moved to our new place, that became obsolete, as I could not dedicate   a shelf for my earrings and accessories. I could however dedicate a door. I Had seen a few hacks online using a baking cooling shelf.
I did not want to buy something new. I did however have this metal trivet that I had purchased years ago  for about Rs 25 a pop. Over the years I stopped using them and were just floating around.


Using a craft knife, I cut a Slit in the rubber bush and reattached it to the top of the trivet. This created a barrier and prevents the earrings from falling off.

earing organizer

Also It left the flat portion free to be attached with some wire organizers.


I also used some of these hooks to hold my necklaces and even an organizer and sometimes a 3X mirror.


Cool Right?

New Charging station

Couple months back (Ahem.. in February of 2013) on a generic “because i felt so” trip to staples, I came across this filing unit. It was displayed  sideways and then it hit me.. it could be an amazing charging station for my phones and my iPad.

Then it sat in my craft room for a few months (ahem… 8 months) till the stars aligned one Tuesday evening when I decided to watch the FOUNTAINHEAD.

What you need.
photo (2)
One Corner File unit.
(4) socket power surge protector and Power strip
(4) 1 inch eyelets
(2) 1 inch Curtain eyelet
Attractive Paper
Felt pieces

The How

I started with placing the filing unit sideways and decided the position of the strip on the side. This is where the wire and plug would come out and get plugged into the electricity source.


I started by placing the 2 inch curtain eyelet on the side and marking the circle . Using my jewelers pliers, i cut open a circlish hole.

Chargin stn collage 1

After which, I fixed the back and front parts of the eyelet. I had already determined how the three pin plus will pass through the  eyelet as it had to be angled in.

charging stn 2

The next step was to determine where the power strip would go. I could not have it attached to the wall as there would be insufficient space  to actually plug in the chargers. I needed a shelf that hoovered above the floor. I was stumped! This is where the brilliant hubs stepped in and asked me to weave a net like structure that would bridge the gap and act as a shelf for the power strip.Perfect. Using Some Flower making wire, I simply strung the wire back and forth till a bridge like structure was constructed. The power strip sat on this bridge.

Ribbet collage

I then added A piece of felt before placing the power strip. This way when viewed from top the wires were not visible.


Now for the sections where the phones get charged. I followed the same idea as the side eyelet.

Ribbet collage 4

I did not like the look of this, so i decided to add some handmade paper . I like how this looked. In retrospect i should have added the paper before fixing the eyelet, any ways….Last I added bits of felt to all the surfaces, to prevent any scratches .


This is the final charging station, all loaded up.


Love it!

PS : If you are looking to buy the corner unit Look HERE HERE  HERE and i am not getting paid by any of these guys.

Cost Break down

The Corner Filing unit Rs 300 (original Rs 600 Got it at 50% off)
Curtain Eyelet Rs 5
Small Eyelet Rs 12 (Rs 3 X 4)
Jewelry Wire Rs 10
Felt Rs 75 (Rs 25 X 3)
Power strip Previously owned

Total  : Rs 402 .

Chalk board for Maya

Over the months that we have lived in our new Home, I have oscillated a lot with decorating and designing decisions, But this one was a doozy . I first saw this idea on where else PINTEREST . I promptly pinned to my board for the new house which had great ideas but i was not sure of where to execute them
Original Source – http://asoftplace.net/2011/04/kids-art-gallery-wall-the-reveal/

I had the perfect Place for it , In the passage way . I could see my future where maya and her gang of friends would be huddled and create art , while the mothers would chill .

gb_lilac - flor plan black board

Luckily for me I had a piece of False ceiling Board left over measuring 4′ X 2′ and was a perfect size for the project . I did have some roughed up ends which HAD to be taken care of .

DSC_3939    DSC_3940

I started with painting the board with Chalk board paint ,two coats. I used a local brand called Surfa . and while painting my foam brush broke! so me being the cheepo Jugadu person that i am used a pliers to hold the brush and paint.. but ultimately i had to throw that brush and use a new one

DSC_3942    DSC_3941

Now was the Challenging part, Fixing on the wall. The easiest would have been to just fix the board on the wall and Calling it done, But due to the beat up edges, we needed to frame it.

To start with, We cut out some 1/2 X 1.25 ” wood strips so that a frame is formed around the board. To get a feel of how it would look we placed it around the board. We did not use Meter joints.


I then marked three spots 50 cm from the floor and fixed the bottom board using 1.5 inch screws. Then we fixed  the other two sides on the wall.

DSC_3948      DSC_3953

Maya HAD to make sure that we were doing a good job


Then we placed the board inside the three sided frame and fixed the forth piece of the frame. Since the frame was snug around the board, it did not fall down.

DSC_3957          DSC_3958

To beautify (Ahem hide the uglies) I used a 2″ X 4 mm beeding and made another frame using meter joints. This frame was fixed on the surrounding wood frame with an over lap on the board. This hid away all the uglies.



Ps – please ignore my unmade bed in the Master bed room . It was a Sunday morning after all!

Finally to finish this off, Using two modified hooks we attached a small metal bucket to hold the Chalk and the duster.


And Here its is being used.


She Just Loves it!

Washi tape dispencer

I Have been a huge follower of the washi tape trend that has swept blogland and rocked the crafting world. Unfortunately washi taped were prohibitively expensive to import from abroad and were not available in India, until recently. Many independent blogshops and online Indian crafting stores have started stocking Washi tapes at very affordable rates.

Now! now! I am not endorsing any one here but am just sharing that F.I.N.A.L.L.Y ,we get the “Good stuff”.

So I ordered some online and it came, Six lovely designs of fresh washi tape that my hands were desperate to craft with. These beauties lay on my craft table and the abyss that my table it it got sucked in till the big clean up happened..you know how it is!

I was very keen on making a dispenser for my washi tapes like this


However my woodworking skills are zilch!

I did have foil dispenser and box so i thought .. well its a box that has a tube in it, It has a built-in cutter and it closes, so it will keep off dust .That was it!


I ripped up the cutting mechanisim from inside and hot glued to the outside of the box.


I then covered the box with some fabric and lace


For Good measure, I covered the inside tube as well

I loaded it all up


It looks and works lie a charm!

And see how pretty it looks ]


I love it !

UPDATE : Great minds do think alike. I found that some one had beat me to this idea Here is another take on the Foil box washi tape dispenser

Frosting Glass

Few Months back, I had blogged about how, We broke open the wall separating the Kitchen and the Living space. Read about it here
This Created a new problem. The Utility Which was otherwise partially visible can in full view from the living area. It was not a pretty view!

Floor plan and utility

We then Decided to  ” Do Something” about the glass panes. The More important thing was that, I use the glass pane as a marker board. It a nice place for jotting down stuff and lists. So what ever the “Something” was HAD to be pretty . So It was back to “Have to do something!  After Lots of browsing I decided on a few alternatives

1 Frosting Film

2. Chalkboard  Will scratch right back off from the glass

3. Curtains  Too Blah!

So Frosting it was! I contacted a local company to give me an estimate of the cost and some design alternatives. I had used them for a client and was very happy with the results.  If any one in Bangalore Needs to get some frosting done professionally, I would be happy to share their reference.

Anyways, Their supervisor visited and took dimensions and sent some designs. We went through some designs and it was a toss up between these two.


I then asked for an estimate. They came back with a Quote of about 9k . It was Waaaaay above our budget. So back to the Drawing board it was.

Just when, I was resigning myself to living with my utility junk visible or Worse Curtains, I came across frosting film In HOMETOWN .


 Imagine A MAD MAD MAD HAPPY DANCE!. See, things like Frosting film and contact paper has FINALLY Entered the Indian market.  Its still a new concept, As such DIY is a new concept here, But that’s a whole other story.  I estimated two rolls would be requited. At 300 Rs for A 2m X 30 cm roll, two rolls would be 600 Rs and that was 1/15 th of the quote , It was a steal.

But There was a problem. Having only heard about contact paper and frosting film, I had never really used it. So when stuck, Ask google.  Google spitup tonnes of To dos videos. From the lot I found these two to be the most informative and detailed.

The first tells you how to prep The glass for application of frosting film.

They talk about a special tool for glass cleaning, I used my trusted patti


This Video shows how to actually apply the film

With All the knowledge in place, I still Had a Big question, What design would I use ? Thanks to This tutorial from Emily from jonesdesigncompany.com I know what I wanted.

 The plan was to film on the Back side so that I could use the Kitchen side as a Writing board without damaging the frosting film. For starters I traced out the pattern on the Kitchen side of the Glass Door using a white board marker.


This gave me the number of pieces requited. 11 Full pieces, 6 Vertically sliced pieces, 2 horizontally sliced pieces and 4 corner pieces . This was just for the door. I cut out 15 pieces of the design and I was good to go.

Now using The above two Videos , I started placing the pieces one row at a time starting from the top Left corner.

For the window , I decided to have just one pattern in the middle and then have four corner units.

I measured the Window and the paper. Cutting the exact length required, I marked the center of the paper . And using a pencil I traced out the design. I cut out the design in such a way that, the four corner pieces were cut as a result of cutting the center design.


Then came the execution. I started by cleaning the galss and  spraying some soapy water. Dont worry about the spots, They are on the other side of the glass.


After I cleaned out the glass, I sprayed water on the glass. Then, I Peeled the Backing of the paper  and place it on the glass and Adjusted till it is perfectly in place. You will have air bubbles. Using a patti or Squidgy, remove the extra Water and trapped air and wipe off the runoff water with a newspaper or paper towel.


Then Its all about  hittin’ re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. Selena Gomez’ song reference! REALLY ?

This is the final Look of the Glass.

What do u think ?



PS : if you cant get the song out of  you head, here it is

Interrupting with a Duh! Idea

I know i have been a.w.o.l for over a month , I promise, I will write about what I have been up to. Todays post is about an Ah-ha moment .. actually sounded more like Ta-Da.. But the it finally came down to a Duh!

My Guest bed room bed was a hot mess. I was sorting my fabric stash on the bed  and it was full of fabric lint and threads. I could have easily changed the sheets .. but…just did not feel like. I went searching for my lint roller but could not find it

I had almost conceded defeat and started to change the sheets when I had the afore mentioned “moment”.

I made my hand a lint remover!  All i needed was some tape.

I used ABRO tape. Painters in India use it for masking while painting walls. I guess any painters or masking tape should work. Scotch tape or cello tape may also work.

I started by Pulling a length of the tape and placed the loose end between my thumb and index finger.



I then kept rolling the tape snugly along my fingers with a bit of overlap till my fingers were covered. It was not tight enough to stop blood circulation , but snug enough to be in place


I cut off the remainder roll.


Then using my hand in a stroking motion over the lint i was able to get the lint off. By turning my hands the other way( palms facing up) , I was able to use the back side of my hands to pick up the lint.



Once I was done I had to just pull off the tape from my hand and junk it.


It does not really replace the lint roller, but was  a quick solution to an immediate problem. I still do have to find the roller!