9 Days to diwali

I am psyched !!! Diwali is just 9 days away !!! There is so much to do !

Being the Nerd i am, I HAD to mindmap the things to do…Is there any other way???

Diwali mind map

Any excuse to pull out the sharpies!!!

Starting with making the lanterns.. i was researching lantern designs.. . and there are so many!!!

diwali lanterns-2

Diwali Diya Lantern

Artistic Lantern

but i decided on a simpler version that i could make my self .

Being the geek i am, i HAD to model it in Sketchup

Also I found this very cool lady who made diyas .. lanterns etc …. with FOOD

Click here to see what all she makes … Very nice smita !  Cant wait to see what you come up with this year.


Make your own Planner from any ‘ol Notebook

As a compulsive list maker i have always found my self reaching for a pen and paper to organize my thoughts and plans.  Not having a book to collate all the lists meant that i spent more time hunting for the illusive list than actually working on them.  I tried all kinds of binders, but did not find any thing that suited my purpose and So DIY  to the rescue.

I started off with a regular Note book. I had a small 5 X 7 inch spiral bound note book that my husband got at a company conference. I loved the size and the pages were amazing . It has only ruled pages but that would do for me. The Reasons, i like this book is that it has a translucent first page then followed up by a blank white sheet of card stock. Add to that it has an elastic band that keeps the book bound tight and a small loop for a pen or pencil

As much as i like the possibility of the plain white card stock i was not in the mood to do any doodles or painting . I simply stuck a pretty 6 X 6 origami paper  aliging it from the bottom and trimmed out the excess.

On the outer translucent plastic covering page i simply stuck alphabets with a bit of whimsical alignment that spelling out my name .

To partition the secitions of the book I added colorful plastic post it tabs and wrote on them that they were for . Foe me the secitions were

1) Ideas

2) Short term projects

3) Long term projects

I added a different color tab for the months,  stuck a pen in the loop and i was done!



I tried to scratch off the Logo but it would not come off 😦 I am yet to add an embellishment  to cover that.

I am going to explore how to turn any run  of the mill notebook into an organizer soon



  • Note book – free ( had it on hand)
  • Origami paper – Purchased a 5 rm pack from Daiso on a trip to KL
  • Stickers – $1 at  Dollar Tree



Yes! This is my first post and its all about diwali; The festival of lights, sound and food! Its the biggest festival in India and my favorite.

There are many mythological reasons why  diwali is celebrated . Wiki does a good job of documenting it, so peek in if you would like to know more. Waht it really means is the four essential F’s Food, Friends, Family, and Firecackers.

This is not my first diwali as a married woman but it the first time i feel the need to celebrate it ,start our own  diwali. Diwali signifies new beginnings, We feel its time for us to start our own Diwali traditions as a family

Before i actually write about the traditions we want to start i have this whole list of To-Do tasks before diwali

In the same light let me also show you my new Daily planner. I love how it turned out. Hop over to the tutorials to see how i got it done


There is a lot lined up in the next few days leading up to diwali including a quick get away ..more  on that later

Thanks for stopping by