B For Brass



I made a small foray into jewelry making back in 2012  . I soon lost interest in it, However, I had picked up a few tools and supplies that would be sufficient to make quite a few sets of earrings etc. In a small attempt to exhaust my supplies, I decided to make a pair of earring for this project . I had enough to make one set of brass earrings. DSC_6434 Whats needed :

  • Basic Jewelry tools
  • Brass Tubes (5)
  • Brass Beads
  • Jewelry Wire

Hooks For each earring you will need 2.5 Tubes, 3 beads , 1 Hook , and sufficient length of wire First cut 1 tube into 2 half’s DSC_6436

The rest was easy. Starting with a Loop , Thread a bead , pipe, bead , cut pipe,bead, pipe and then loop in back into the first bead . The remaining wire needs to be wound around the loop and the balance cut off.All that remains to be done is to attach the hook to the loop . Image-1 (1)Image-1


Da Da DONE!!!



Organize that Bling!

I really apologize for the month-long absence.

I have moved cities and am settling down. A lot of organization and decoration projects are going on simultaneously and with no computer access for 25 days.. meant no blogging . I have been taking pictures of the projects as they go on and will blog as they get  done.

Today i completed a really cool orgn project in a really quick time. I love my dangly earings and have loads of them. They were squished up and stored in a shoe box for the move . I don’t have a drawer to keep them but a very narrow shelf. Its only 10 inches deep and about 18 inches wide. This shelf is near the mirror (yet to be hung up) and has storage on the side.

I needed the solution for the varioys jewellery like

  1. Dangly earnings
  2. simple earings that are Non dangly
  3. Watches
  4. Bangles
  5. Scrunchies
  6. Clasps

I started out  with a Foam core board . It’s a Little tougher than a normal board.
DSC01244Foam core back

It was actually behind a group picture taken in my husbands old workplace. Since he was not in the picture, he gave it to me to craft with.
Foam core board

To make the Foam board pretty, I decided to cover it with fabric.

Fabric over board

The fabric is about 2 inched larger than the board on all sides.
Soak the fabric in liquid  fabric starch and cover the board . To remove excess water, I used a squeegee and left it out to dry for about 20-25 mins.










Leaving about an inch from the sides , I nailed down some cable clips . I started vertically on one side . The Horizontal gaps between the clips is also about an inch. I then replicated the same on the other edge.


To  hang my earnings i needed to thread through either wire or wool. I chose Wool because it was there. In retrospect , wire might have been more stable. I might swap it out later.

In order to determine the length of wool i started threading the clips starting from the top left, moving in a horizontal line to the clip at the right.


Next i moved vertically to the clip below and then moved left horizontally. I continued the same till i reached the last clip on the right hand side.


I cut three inches more than the  exact length.


Pull out the Wool. start again from the left hand corner but this time tie a knot with one end of the wool.


Loop on the right hand side and tie a knot to the clip, keeping the wool as taught as possible.


Continue the same path but with knotting the wool to the clamp at every stage.On the last Clamp, I double knotted the wool and cut the extra length off.  If using wire, A loop around the clamp should do.   Thats It. I could have decorated it a little bit more but that’s fine.

For the Non dangly earings, I sorted them out into Ice cube trays that stack on each other.

I had an old cutlery set that came with a stand to hand cutlery from. I use the cutlery , but did not like the stand so much for the cutlery. So I hung watches  from it. I also hung some of my favorite bangles

For the rest of the things like scrunchies, Clasps and Non Hang-able watches, i am using a velvet lined tray.

I had a piece of mirror that was perfect for that space. Its simply propped up against the back of the shelf

So what do you think of the space. Do let me know