B For Brass



I made a small foray into jewelry making back in 2012  . I soon lost interest in it, However, I had picked up a few tools and supplies that would be sufficient to make quite a few sets of earrings etc. In a small attempt to exhaust my supplies, I decided to make a pair of earring for this project . I had enough to make one set of brass earrings. DSC_6434 Whats needed :

  • Basic Jewelry tools
  • Brass Tubes (5)
  • Brass Beads
  • Jewelry Wire

Hooks For each earring you will need 2.5 Tubes, 3 beads , 1 Hook , and sufficient length of wire First cut 1 tube into 2 half’s DSC_6436

The rest was easy. Starting with a Loop , Thread a bead , pipe, bead , cut pipe,bead, pipe and then loop in back into the first bead . The remaining wire needs to be wound around the loop and the balance cut off.All that remains to be done is to attach the hook to the loop . Image-1 (1)Image-1


Da Da DONE!!!



About time !!


Hello everyone!

As usual I went missing after i Appeared in February. Without giving any more excuses, I wanted to say I have started working on My Alphabet Craft Challenge . I hope to accomplish 26 New crafts in 26 odd weeks remaining this year.

I have a Few Crafts Planned in a spreadsheet That looks something like this

The First Alphabet of the English Language  being  A, I was looking at Making something with Air Dry Clay Immediately.
I Use the “Shiplakar” Brand From Pedilite.


I don’t have much experience with Airdry Clay and this is my first experiment with this Medium .

For this particular Project, I used a scrap piece of wood as my Base.  Using Madhubani for the Art form , I used the airdry Clay for creating the lines

and used Acrylic Colors to fill in .
This key holder is a gift for my FiSHY loving Sister

aIRDRY fIshy

I finished the same with Acrylic colors and bejeweled the eye with a kundan and Done!!


I Am rather Happy with the experiment .

The Bean bag Cube

When your living area is 10 feet wide and to end and you have a sofa and no other place to sit, what do you do? Look for other options. But what ?

After a lot of  thought I found these beauties.

This one is from Crate and Barrel ( No Longer available )

This Is from West Elm 

I am not sure how much each of them cost as they are not available . In any case it seemed simple enough to make, and it was very simple. It was so simple that i forgot to take pictures as i went along only to realize it when i actually lounged on the cube that i had no pictures. Sorry about the really bad sketches.

For making a square bean bag you will need to decide the measurements for the bean bag. I decided on 24 inches X 24 Inches X 12 inches height

These are the materials I used .
The fabric used was thick upholstery material. It is no where as cute as the inspiration pieces but will do.

I started with two pieces of 24  inches X 24 inches and four pieces of 24 inches X 12 inches.

Take one 24 X 24 piece  and place it correct side down on your work space. Now place around the sides the 24 X 12 pieces such that the 24 inch sides line up. Using tacking pins tack the pieces together and stitch them.  The resultant will be like a plus sign.

Turn the fabric around such that the correct sides face up.

Steps 1 ,2

Now stitch the adjoining 12 inch sides. Once all four sides are done you will get a Bucket like structure. The wrong side will be visible out.

Stitch the remaining 24 X 24 inch piece on three sides of the bucket making sure that the wrong side is out. With the gap on the fourth side, turn the structure inside out and stitch the Zipper.
The structure is ready.

Bean bag
The structure can be filled with the Styrofoam beans. However recently, I have used scraps of fabric and used bubble wrap to fill the cube.

Lounge on!



Faux Washi tape

I love Washi tape. There are a plethora of designs and crafters across the globe seem to be smitten by the endless possibilities.  Unfortunately at a minimum of $3 a roll plus shipping to india, the cheapest washi tape in way too expensive for me. So me being me, i created mt own faux washi tape.

To create your own tape  you will need

  1. Double sided tape ( not one with foam )

Double sided tape.

  1. Fancy paper
  2. Patience ( moderate amount )

Start by measuring the width of the tape.  Place the tape on the paper and mark the width . Draw lines and cut the paper using scissors / Paper cutter or trimmer. I used a trimmer because i have one.

Cut the paper

Lay out a length of the tape on a flat surface, such that the sticky side faces you and the other sticky side with the protective sheet is on your surface.

Lay out the tape

Start at the loose end . Place the paper on the tape, a little by little and adhere the length of the paper to the tape.

Stick paper on tape
Stick the Paper

I perfered to have strips of 15-20 cms in length . If you like you may continue to keep unrolling the tape and adhering more paper.

Your tape is ready. Tear out a length, remove the protective paper and stick away.

The tape

The package

For experimentation i started with news paper, but then tried patterned origami paper as well as security envelopes.

Origami paper

Origami paper tape

Securiety envelope

Securiety envelope tape

Hand stamped paper

Hand printed tape

I Decorated my Daily “To-Do / Project” Book.

The Notebook

The spine has securiety paper and the other edge has tape made from origami paper and securiety envelope tape. The middle design is a freehand Henna Designs drawn with a black sharpie.

Hope you try this. Do let me know how it goes



Tutorial : Woven keychains.

Thanks for all the positive remarks on my woven QR Key chains.As promised a very simplified tutorial for the same. Once you get the hang of it the same can be used for creating any complex design.

What you need :

Cardboard scraps
Wool scraps of two colors
Key ring
Hot glue or any glue that will adhere wool to the card board.

1. Start with trimming the card board scrap to measure 2 cm X 8 cm. Cut Wool 5  lengths of 40 cm.


2. Insert the wool through the chain of the Key ring  and tie a Knot.

DSC00928 DSC00929DSC00930

Using Hot glue adhere the wool to the cardboard. Make sure that the wool is not clucked up and well spread out.

3. Flip the card board over . Using a small amount of glue adhere the wool of the other color to the cardboard.

4. Turn over and start winding from the top of the card keeping the blue wool spread out and the orange wool as Taut as possible. The orange wool should go over the blue wool.

DSC00933 Wind the wool for about 10 times

5. Now flip the blue wool over the orange wool. The cardboard will be exposed.


Keep winding directly over the cardboard. I did this two times

6. The next step is to straighten the blue wool over the cardboard (well spread out) and looping the orange wool over the blue wool. Do this for about 4 times

DSC00936  DSC00937

7. Continue alternating and winding till you can wind the orange wool for about to times at the bottom.

Wind the orange wool for about 9 times . Turn to the back side and place a small dot of glue . wind the orange wool for one last time and adhere the wool back to the cardboard.


There you have it. It’s a key chain.

The wool I used was rather thin, however if you have thicker wool you will need lesser strands to begin with.

If you have any questions please leave a comment with your question and I will write back.